MLA for a Day Experience

By Jesse Lee (10W)


Over the weekend, I spent my time talking with MLAs, exploring the legislature, and engaging in debates about the issues of our province.  On the first day I was there, I was introduced to the Alberta Legislative Assembly, namely the MLAs.  We sat through an exciting, heated debate and it was most interesting.  The atmosphere was cheerful, with MLAs cracking jokes every once in a while.  The day was packed from morning to night, filled with tours around the gorgeous legislature building, and question periods with former MLAs.  On the last day, I was given the opportunity to spend the day with MLA Jamie Kleinsteuber, the MLA of my area.  We discussed issues concerning our province.  As our day together came to a close, he left me with a souvenir: a gold pin with the Alberta legislature building minted on it.  In the end, MLA for a Day was not only a fun trip, but an educational one as well.  I would like to thank MLA Karen McPherson for encouraging The Chinese Academy students to apply.  Also a thank you to MLA Kleinsteuber for the experience and The Chinese Academy for sending me on this awesome and educational journey!

這個週末,我與立法機構的MLA議員瞭解立法會的結構、探討關於立法機關的問題,並就我省的議題進行辯論。 在我到那裡的第一天,我瞭解了艾爾伯塔立法議會及成員,簡稱MLA。 我們經歷了一場激烈的辯論,非常有趣。議員們間中開玩笑,令議會的氣氛輕鬆有趣。議員們從早到晚都很多事情要處理,華麗的大樓裡充滿了來參觀的遊客,以及有多位前議員來議會提問問題。在最後的一天,我很榮幸可以和我區域的省議員Jamie Kleinsteuber會面,我們有機會談談天,討論我省的問題。在這天結束的時候,省議員 Jamie Kleinsteuber 送給我一個很有意義的紀念品:一個帶有亞省立法大樓的金針。 在省都和省議會度過的四天不僅是一次有趣的旅程,而且也是一次具有教育意義的經驗。我想感謝省議員Karen McPherson多次鼓勵我校學生參加這個有意義活動、省議員Jamie Kleinsteuber 和我的母校亞省中文學校 The Chinese Academy提供這次寶貴的學習機會。