Martial Arts Class


To promote wellness through Tai Chi and Wu Shu training

Master Geng Zhang Cai

Master Geng Zhang Cai has taught Wushu for 30 years. He is a Canadian National Wushu Team Coach and the only Taichi International Judge certified by IWUF in Calgary. 38 students have won National Champions and admitted into the National Wushu Team. They have won numerous awards including:

  1. 15 gold medals at the World Traditional Wushu Championship
  2. 2 gold medals at the World Junior Wushu Championship
  3. Bronze medal at the World senior Wushu Championship and
  4. First prize at the First World Taichi Championship.


Murray Cheung

Murray Cheung: Master Cai’s senior student. Murray is:

  1. 12 times National Champion in Wushu and Taichi
  2. Canadian National Wushu Team member and
  3. Gold medalist at World Wushu Team Championship and Pan-Am Wushu Championship.


6-18 years old


Gymnasium, Sir John A. Macdonald School


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  • Saturdays except for long weekends, please refer to the school calendar by following the calendar link on the top bar for all school holidays
  • 1:00-2:00 pm