IB Program

The Chinese Academy (TCA) is the only school in Calgary that works in cooperation with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) to offer free Chinese IB programs to CBE students since 1997.

The three IB courses offered at The Chinese Academy are:

  1. Chinese B – Mandarin SL (Standard)
  2. Chinese B – Cantonese SL (Standard)
  3. Mandarin Ab initio SL (Beginner)

Students can receive up to 25 language credits for their Alberta High School Diploma. For students who would like more credits for their High School Diplomas, TCA offers Chinese 10, 20, 30 (Mandarin) and Chinese 15, 25, 35 (Cantonese) on Saturdays, as well as Independent Studies courses. Students who take and pass the Chinese IB classes also receive credits for their Alberta High School Diploma.

Chinese IB Program Logistics:

  1. TCA offers Mandarin and Cantonese IB courses for students in five CBE high schools that offer IB programs. They are Sir Winston Churchill, John G. Diefenbaker, Western Canada, Henry Wise Wood and Lester B. Pearson High School.
  2. Students who would like to take the above courses must get permission from their home schools to take Mandarin/Cantonese IB at TCA. Students who would like to withdraw from Chinese courses must also get permission from their home schools.
  3. The CBE high schools send their approved lists of new IB students to TCA by email.
  4. TCA is a Saturday school and according to Alberta Education, we provide a minimum of 80 hours of instruction per 5-credit course. With the new Chinese IB curriculum which is more intense than the previous one, TCA requires students to take Grade 10 Honours Chinese in their grade 10 year, so the students may be better prepared for the Chinese IB examinations. Students who are considering taking Chinese IB please contact TCA before they start grade 10 so we can place them accordingly.
  5. Students make an appointment with TCA for entry assessment and registration by calling or emailing TCA. TCA is in charge of student placement in our school. Students will not be moved for personal or scheduling preference.
  6. At TCA, a student pays about $200 tuition fee and about $100 for resource fee per course. Grade 12 students pay an additional graduation fee of $30.
  7. Students register and pay for the Chinese IB exam in their grade 12 year at their home schools. During their grade 12 year, students will take their Chinese IB exam. The Chinese Academy will cooperate with the IB coordinators of the 5 CBE high schools to complete the IB exams assessments for students.
    1. Internal Assessment
      1. Oral exam for Language B and for Mandarin Ab initio must be completed before the end of February. After oral exams are completed, the results and comments will be forwarded to the students’ home schools.
    2. External Assessment
      1. Written Assignments must be completed before the end of February at The Chinese Academy. After written assignments are completed, the results and comments will be forwarded to the students’ home schools.
      2. Students will take their IB Chinese written exam portion: Paper 1 and Paper 2 (for Language B and for Mandarin Ab initio) in May at their home schools.
  1. The IB Coordinators from the five CBE IB schools will send to TCA their students’ marks the following September for proof of refund.
  2. (NEW) If a student has received any Chinese 10, 20, or 30 level credits through a course challenge or course completion at another school, they do not qualify for an IB tuition rebate.
  3. For CBE IB students only, upon successful completion of the Chinese IB courses and passing the Chinese IB exam, an amount of up to $200 tuition fee per IB course per year will be refunded to each student (maximum $400). Students will submit their tuition receipts and Chinese IB mark to TCA for refund in the same calendar year as the IB exam. There will be NO refund after that calendar year.

We thank the CBE, the principals and staff of the five IB schools for their partnership and support.

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