Chinese as a Second Language

The Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) program is offered to students who have little or no Chinese background but would like to learn the Chinese language.

CSL classes are offered in both Mandarin and Cantonese from Grade 1-12

Students in the Mandarin classes will learn the simplified character system, whereas students learning Cantonese will learn the traditional character system.

Students in Grade 10-12 can earn High School credits upon completion of each grade. (5 credits per grade)

Classes are 3 hours long every Saturday, excluding holidays. The CSL courses are only available in the afternoon (1pm-4pm)

For more information on registration and fees please consult the registration form which can be found in the registration link on the left sidebar.

CSL Teaching Objectives

CSL courses are designed to educate students in their Chinese listening comprehension and speaking skills. Our emphasis is primarily on listening and speaking skills, with some exercises in reading and writing. Since language and culture are inseparable, our teachers will introduce some Chinese culture during their lessons to help students learn more about the history of Chinese language.

Our weekly activities include six major areas: reading, thematic units, listening practice, language games, music and recess. A brief description of the teaching activities is listed below:

Reading – The student readings are based on the dialogue and vocabulary learned. Teachers will also teach students some Chinese words.

Thematic units – Every week there is a theme together with kids’ songs and dialogue-practice. Teachers will take into consideration the number of words that students can learn, and help them express themselves in simple words and phrases.

Listening practice – We will use daily dialogue and/or short stories, which are related to the units taught. Teachers may use story-telling or selected video-tapes for their teaching.

Language games – Emphasis is on brain-storming to stimulate students’ interests in learning. Teachers will select games suitable for the students’ level of learning.

Music – Depending on the students’ age, we may incorporate music lessons. Teaching materials include children’s songs and Western music with Chinese lyrics that are related to the thematic units taught.